Our research focuses on the impact of political, social, and economic trends in the world. We provide tailor-made studies and reports on the geopolitical context and business environment in the various countries. We cover issues ranging from domestic politics and foreign policy to entrepreneurship in emerging markets.


Our analysts and consultants provide a unique perspective thanks to excellent professional and academic backgrounds and years of in-country experience. Our consulting services include data monitoring, evaluation, strategic mappings of institutions, companies and individuals, scenario planning, risk assessment, and practical support on the ground.

Digital tools

We provide and develop data monitoring tools that help institutions to understand their needs and overall situation. We believe that data visualisation can help our clients to see the big picture and gain strategic perspectives. Our tools are build for sustainability and designed for scale.

Security and Regional Stability

While the dynamic economies in the Asia-Pacific promise high returns, disputes over territory and resources may heighten regional tensions and pose a serious threat to foreign investors.

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Digital Asia

The digital age offers Asia-Pacific countries a great opportunity to create new and innovative technologies that can promote economic development and improve the daily lives of their citizens.

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China in the 21st Century

China’s economic growth has provided Chinese and Western companies with plenty of lucrative opportunities. Yet is remains unclear how the business environment will be affected by a myriad of serious challenges the country is facing.

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